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The internet is full of information, so much in fact that 4 billion webpages is a rather meagre estimate! So in research for various items I have comeacross some good web sites and some bad ones. And for those which I have foundno web site to fit the bill, I have made my own! 

Placing this information on the web acts as a storage medium for myself,and a source of information for others. Knowledge is nothing without it beingshared. Alas placing information on the web in a slightly aesthetic manner takestime, call back often, or if you wish utilise the automaticnotification system please feel free to do so.


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26th June , 2007

After many years of losing the bug for website creation, I have recaught it.

This web site is undergoing major reconstruction. For news of new items or modified items please consult Notification and News Pages for more details


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Updated: Thursday, 28th June, 2007

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